Mahmood 1121 Sella Rice is specially cleaned and inspected by the quality control team,
and then packaged to meet the needs of different consumer groups in various markets around the world. Our basic activities such as paddy husk separation,
rice cleaning, and thickness grading are carried out in a first-class rice processing plant, and polishing, length grading,
color sorting and packaging are all completed in-house to offer high-quality products.


Mahmood Tea is the finest quality tea selected from the premier tea estates
in Sri Lanka. It is appreciated by connoisseurs for its subtle,
distinctive flavour and bright colour.
Discover a new taste with a cup of Mahmood Tea


Enjoy Mahmood Coffee made from special blends of coffee beans picked
and chosen from the worlds best coffee trees,
pamper your palate with unique flavors for each time of the day
and the irresistible smell of coffee.